Reach and engage more customers through audience research

When choosing what to buy consumers, seek out brands that intrigue their senses and emotions – never assume you know what makes your customers tick!

Marketing Customer Research

Consumer purchasing decisions are rooted in both rational attributes and emotional impulses. Understanding and promoting your values is essential to attracting the right audience. People are swayed by brands with the same values. Promoting your values through a storyline of facts, feelings and images that inspire an emotional reaction will attract these customers and help them feel more comfortable about buying from you.

Know Your Customer

Audience research reveals the needs and motivations of certain personalities, helping you identify personas that will most likely be attracted to your service or product.

This customer knowledge will enable you to develop a better overall brand experience for your customer by providing them with relevant content and appropriate messaging to solve their problem while using appropriate colour, style and imagery to attract their attention and instil brand recall.

Provide Relevant Solutions

Consumers have become so accustomed to receiving exceptional service through digital communications over the past decade that relevance and user experience have become influential rank factors for search engine marketing. Finding the answers to key questions will guide you to create an effective digital marketing campaign.

Who is my audience?

  • What goal does my audience want to achieve?
  • How can I provide a solution to their problem?

When making purchasing decisions, consumers automatically think about “what’s in it for me”? To offer relevant solutions to search queries, you need to understand the personas’ needs. Knowing their “pain points” is the key to creating effective messaging that aligns your brand offerings to their needs.

Messages that provide solutions to these pain points are key to delivering relevant results to their online search queries.

Steps to Discovery

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Trending search queries reveals what, where, when and how customers are searching for your products and services.  Keyword research is thus a vital step to optimising any search engine marketing strategy.

Buyer Persona Development

Buyer Persona Development

Identifying and developing buying personas supports the development of effective messaging that attracts appropriate customers who are aligned with your values, goals and preference. If your customer feels the advert was created for them along you have created the “perfect” ad.

Customer Surveys

Customer Surveys

Conducting surveys is an easy way to get answers to strategic questions that will reveal peoples unique preferences. You can send surveys to existing customers or even your circle of friends. There are many free and premium survey tools available online such as Survey Monkey.

Know your Competitors

Studying your competitors’ strategies will help you understand your market to strengthen your market positioning. Evaluating their strengths and weaknesses will help you identify gaps in the market and develop a strong future strategy. Monitoring their customers’ comments and social engagements will also provide a better understanding of their social habits, exposing their likes, dislikes and types of content that are effective. Competitor research saves time and budget.

Discovery your customers and grow through irresistible marketing.