Aligning Brand Values
Developing Brand Values

attract like-minded customers with your brand values

Brand Values Build Connections

Build emotional connections with like-minded people by promoting your brand values and attitude. These emotional connections are what attract people to your business and keep them coming back.

Brand Values Infographic

People are increasingly interested in doing business with companies that share their ethical values. If you want to be successful in business, you need to have the right values and use them to promote your brand.

Marketize can help you refine and transform your values into compelling marketing messages that will attract like-minded people to your businesses.

Define and Build Brand Identity

The strength of your business’s brand alignment will depend on how well your brand ambassadors understand and communicate your brand’s values to your audience. Understanding your audience is vital to delivering key messages that are aligned with their values. In other words, speaking the same language. Therefore, identifying your brand values and knowing your audience is an essential step towards building your brand. Delivering on your brand promise build brand loyalty and will retain customers and the future.

The best-selling author Simon Sinek delivers a simple message about how Apple uses its “why” to achieve extraordinary success compared to other brands with similar products.

Identify your Brand Values

A brand is more than a logo or name. A well-defined brand value chain encompasses all aspects of a business to present customers with an honest and recognisable depiction of a business and brand culture. Your brand “story” needs to align with your values to attract the right audience, fulfil customer expectations and build long term trust. The Beginners Guide to Brand Values provides some helpful insights into developing brand values.

Develop Key Messaging

Key messages are the foundation of your marketing strategy. These are bite-sized summations of your value proposition and values that you want your audience to hear, understand and remember. Carefully crafted messages can change the way your audience think and behave. Emotions drive purchasing behaviour. Therefore aligning your values with your target audience is key to attracting and capturing their attention.

Brand values provide the focus for creating impactful key messages that will influence your target audience. Carrying your values through your key messages is beneficial to attracting your target audience.

Brand Key Messages

Align your Storyline

Brand building based on customer expectations leads to success. Does the customer expect you to be warm and friendly, smart and reliable or edgy and trendy? Your goal is to differentiate your company from competitors while inspiring long-term customer loyalty through transparent communication of your mission and values. Here is a link to Six Examples of Genius Brand Story Telling.

Personalised Key Messages

Personalise your Messaging

Understanding your customers and their trending brand perceptions will enable you to segment your audience and refine your messaging with personalised preferences that will attract them. Consistent messaging delivered with a consistently recognisable visual presence is the key to instilling brand recall. Additionally, consistent brand recognition subconsciously builds consumer trust.

Promote USP Graphic

Promote your USP

The most famous brands create strong messages that promote unique selling propositions (USPs) to deliver customer expectations beyond marketing. These USPs help to attract an audience, and the gratifying added value helps to build lasting relationships.

The 5WPR 2020 CONSUMER CULTURE REPORT shows interesting statistics about consumer gratification. The exciting thing for smaller businesses is that many effective marketing channels are affordable and accessible to most people.

Exceed Expectations

A study conducted by Capgemini showed that 8 in 10 consumers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

Cultural landscapes are constantly changing in the rapidly-paced world of media. What motivates customers today will shift with fast-changing social trends tomorrow. Loyalty programs and referrals have led to the rise of consumer-centric marketing over the past 10 years. Moving with the times by fulfilling ever-changing consumer expectations through your messaging and value is equally crucial as product evolution.