Building a Brand Based on Authentic Values Attracts Like-minded Customers

Contrary to the old saying “opposites attract,” when it comes to finding a mate, birds of a feather flock together, and the same applies to attracting customers.

Building a Brand with Authentic Values

Human Connection

Like attracts like, and humans have a deep desire to feel connected. Our need to belong is rooted deeply in our survival instincts, and it is human to feel that in every aspect of our home, work and social lives. We all want to feel seen and valued. Feeling connected is the emotional motivator that reinforces our sense of belonging, and this creates opportunities for brands to connect with customers on a deeper level.

Promote Brand Values

Promoting your brand’s purpose and values is a powerful way to attract a like-minded audience. Applying these principles to every aspect of your business over time develops trust and forms deep bonds that build a brand tribe. Feeling part of a tribe instils trust and motivates people to take risks.

A consumer survey conducted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) across 25 different countries found that around 70% of the respondents claim to choose brands whose core values reflect their own. Another survey conducted by the Harvard School of Business found that customers who feel connected to your brand are 52% more likely to buy your services or products and use them more frequently

Emotional Motivators

Emotional motivators are constantly evolving and vary from person to person. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, one of the best-known theories of motivation, states that our actions are motivated by various physiological and psychological needs. The theory represented in a five-tier pyramid ranges from primary physiological needs such as food and shelter to higher psychological conditions from feeling a sense of belonging and self-esteem status to self-actualisation. Personality, culture, gender, economics, environment, acquired knowledge, and social conventions continuously alter the needs and beliefs that influence our emotional convictions.

We can all relate to the recent lockdowns that have profoundly impacted the entire population’s sense of feeling connected. A recent McKinsey US consumer survey found that most people interviewed during lockdown were either depressed, anxious or both. Many could not pay their bills, a challenge to their basic needs. They discovered companies that consciously provided empathy and care during this crisis were able to build a foundation of goodwill and long-lasting emotional connections with the communities they served.

Positioning your Brand

Consumer awareness and the link between consumer values and brand purpose have grown significantly over the past eight years. Personal motivators provide insights into positioning your brand with your intent when developing your brand, enabling you to generate marketing messages that align with your customer needs.

The WEF survey discovered that consumers’ two main expectations of the businesses they buy from were reducing environmental harm and standing up for social issues. In addition, the Harvard School of Business identified the top 10 emotional motivators that affect customer value. 

Top 10 emotional motivators

  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Having confidence in the future
  • Feeling a sense of well being
  • Enjoying a sense of freedom
  • Experiencing thrill 
  • Feeling a sense of belonging
  • Environmental goodness
  • Feeling true to oneself
  • Feeling secure
  • Being successful
  • Authentic connections

Neuropsychological research shows that humans crave certainty. When we are authentic, we can articulate our values and intentions clearly. When we demonstrate authenticity, people can anticipate how we react in certain situations. These clear intentions naturally stimulate a positive “reward” response rather than a “threat” response.

Promoting your true values over idealised terms is a realistic way to stand out and get noticed by people driven by the same values. Authentic values that build connections are more than tone of voice and visual identity; they are meaningful, unique, memorable, actionable and timeless efforts that promote and constantly deliver your brand promise. Aligning your values with your target audience can shape the culture of your business so that you can connect with customers more meaningfully. Imagine feeling appreciated for providing like-minded people with the happiness factors that make you tick? Authenticity generates positive emotions that lead to satisfaction and motivation — motivation to constantly deliver on your brand promise by contributing to your idea of a better world.

Connecting with Like-minded Customers

When your brand impassions customers, they are more likely to connect and engage. Promoting this passion to those who share the same sentiments is a sure way to grab attention and influence their buying decisions. Link your brand values to how you want your clients to feel, highlighting the impact your services can have on the state of their lives. Our subconscious emotions are interpreted consciously as feelings. Messages promoting feelings over features are therefore more effective at influencing purchasing decisions. 

Guidance for Building a Brand

Get tips and resources to develop key messages that align your brand purpose and promise with your customers’ needs.