Strategic Content Design

Discover how to grab attention and drive engagement through strategic content design. The keys to effective designs are relevance, consistency, contrast, choice of images and colour.

Strategic Content Design Image

The goal of your creative content is to attract customers, instil brand recall, enable intuitive navigation and drive engagement. Applying the fundamentals of visual attraction based on consumer-centric preferences will attract your customers. Promoting your brand with consistent design elements and strategic brand placement will instil brand recall. User-friendly, intuitive navigation increases user engagement. Strategic content design is key to effective marketing campaigns and building a brand.

Relevant Content Design

Relevant marketing optimises a consumer’s experience of your brand by delivering visually appealing content, enabling intuitive navigation and providing appropriate solutions relative to their consumer journey objective.

Aligning visual styling, messaging, language and tone to customer preference when describing a service, product or feature is essential to grab a reader’s attention. Intuitive navigation that leads customers to helpful solutions is key to keeping them engaged on the path to conversion.

Visual Attraction

Designing visual content that instantly describes your brand’s personality and mood is a powerful way to appeal to a like-minded audience and evoke an emotional response to your brand. The majority of people are visual learners, and the human brain processes images six to 600 times faster than written content. Visual marketing with relevant content is therefore one of the most effective ways to capture a prospect’s attention in a short space of time.

Consumer Preference

Emotionally driven customer-centric content design is key to attraction. It is believed that 95% of purchasing decisions are subconscious and driven by emotion. Furthermore, neuromarketing statistics show that campaigns that use emotional content aligned with audience preferences are twice as effective at driving conversions as those that rely on rational content. 

Design Consistency

Two-thirds of consumers browse multiple channels when shopping. Content promoted across these numerous platforms using consistent designs to improve brand recall can increase your sales by 90%. Consistently designed content repeats visual elements such as colour, images, logo position, and content hierarchy. Consistent content design in cross channel marketing builds the familiarity that cements brand recall in a user’s memory.

Brand Recall

Build trust and engender brand recall through repetition and consistent design. Brand recall is the measure of a consumer’s ability to remember the name of your brand spontaneously.

Design consistency is the key to building brand familiarity. Brand awareness strategies achieve this by consistently repeating advert content that provides an emotional connection, value and relevant differentiation from their audience across multiple channels.

This brand familiarity instils trust into the minds of your target audience, and this emotional response can influence their cognitive behaviour when making purchasing decisions.

User Experience

Drive engagement by helping your audience feel in control using intuitive navigation that is easy to learn and understand. Effective designs that drive engagement use directive layouts, content hierarchy, and calls-to-action, which prompt a user to take action. As a result, enabling an intuitive consumer journey can dramatically improve conversions.