Discover how lead generation and lead nurture can drive sales

Increase market presence and revenue through lead generation tactics on the touchpoints your target audience is most likely to utilise.

Online agency lead generation services

Nurturing quality leads along their buying journey is a powerful way to increase a prospect’s interest in your products or services to drive sales. Lead capture strategies are carried out through display, search and social media ads, using optimised landing pages and lead magnets to inspire users to opt-in and share their contact information.

Capturing Leads

When users land on your website you have the opportunity to capture their contact information. Contact forms are the most effective way to capture their personal information. This shows that if people are interested in your business they will readily provide their personal information. Other forms include human chats, chatbots and newsletter opt-ins. The most effective technique is to position the lead magnet within the content. Pop-ups and sidebars generate half the number of leads compared to placement within the content.

Lead Magnets

A proven way to capture leads is to offer a piece of content that can solve your customers’ challenges. Using lead magnets or “bait” that provide clear and immediate value to your audience will action this mutually beneficial transaction. You provide the value, the prospect provides their contact details.

Lead Magnet Ideas

Lead Magnet Ideas

Special offers, Newsletters, How-to guides, Bonus packs, Resource Libraries, Reports, White Papers, Check-lists, Case Studies and Infographics.

Converting Leads

Sales are the ultimate goal of any lead generation campaign. Converting prospective leads into customers required lead nurture campaigns. SMS and email marketing are not only effective tools to educate, engage and convert new leads, they can also be used to retain customers in the long run. Selling to an existing customer is much cheaper than acquiring a new one.

Lead Generation Metrics

The objective of a lead generation campaign is to collect personal information for both email and or SMS marketing. The KPI that determines the success of the lead generation campaign is therefore the number of leads collected. Other metrics should also be tracked to determine the efficacy and success of any campaign.

  • number of leads
  • click-through rate
  • conversion rate
  • time to conversion
  • leads per channel
  • cost per lead

These metrics can be tracked through data analytics.

Collection and transfer of consumer data are at the heart of digital lead generation campaigns. Build and maintain brand integrity by following legal and ethical marketing practices that protect your customers.