Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms provide cost-effective marketing tools that enable your business to increase visibility.

Marketing Agency Social media marketing services

Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and others can be used to achieve different objectives such as brand awareness, lead generation, growing your audience, engaging with communities or driving traffic to your website. The networking effect enables new users to view your good quality content through likes, comments and shares. A few hours a week can dramatically increase your brand exposure. Targeted campaigns can generate new leads and increase sales. Each marketing objective has unique KPIs to help determine efficacy to achieve success.

Social Media Goals

  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Decision
  • Loyalty
  • Advocacy

Personal Contact

Customers appreciate personalised responses and on these platforms you are able to personally respond to individual customers, expressing your compassion and passions. These are opportunities to show customers that you are approachable and trustworthy while demonstrating your authentic brand voice. Taking the time to respond to customers will improve long term customer trust, satisfaction and build brand loyalty.

  • Build Trust
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Build Brand Loyalty

Marketplace Insights

Social platforms are a great place to hone in on your audience so that you provide a better customer experience through your content, advertising and messaging.

Social Media User Generated Content

Monitoring social media activity enables you to learn about customers interests, opinions and sentiments. Social media also enables you to keep track of your competitors.

  • Learn About your Audience
  • Learn About your Competitors

Social Traffic Boosts SEO

Generating inbound traffic to your website from Social media platforms will enable you to engage more effectively with your content and it is also a huge search engine rank factor. The more links to your website and the more time users spend reading or engaged with your content, the more valuable your content will be ranked in Google.

  • Increase Web Traffic
  • Boost SEO

Effective Social Content

Imagery and user-generated content (UGC) is the lifeblood of social media. The idea with social media marketing campaigns is to get users to engage. Inspiring them to upload images, videos text posts and comments is the most effective way to drive engagement. Social content needs to resonate with your audience in order to grab their attention in the fast world of scrolling. Speaking their language will show them that you truly understand them and their challenges and this will help build a brand community.

  • Keep it short
  • Speak their language
  • Be positive
  • Enable and Encourage UGC
  • Use Interesting images and videos
  • Include a call to action