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Logo Design

New logo design or rebrand?

When planning a logo design think about a brand that tells your target audience who you are the moment they see you out there. This way they will remember you and recognize you later. Recognition builds trust.

Effective simple logos

Most successful brands state their name using only a recognisable typeface and occasionally a simple icon. Check this out: FAMOUS LOGO DESIGNS.

Your logo represents a memorable defining mark that is aligned with the feel of your values and personality. It is not the vehicle you will use to convey everything you need to say to get attention. So leave out the burdonsome kitchen sink!

Target your audience

Filter readers’ attention by creating a relative visual feel, using colours, shapes and textures that subliminally convey your brand personality and the values your products or services represent. Think of adjectives that best describe your brand values and keep those in mind when designing your logo: strength, sensitivity, clinical cleanliness, old-school, trendy, ballsy, gentle, delicious, fresh, wild, hot, cool etc.


Maintaining your corporate identity through different advertising platforms builds brand recognition. Brand recognition is key to building trust.


Try to pick a short business name that describes your core competency, and a payoff line that reinforces your values.

Non Negotiables

Always ensure your brand name and message are legible and technically translatable into multiple display formats in your final logo design. It is a waste of space to display illegible branding.

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