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Marketing Strategy Development Auckland
Marketing Strategy Development

Get noticed and save with optimised online strategies

Optimised Marketing Strategy

Aligning your values, knowing your customer and understanding their buying habits are key to creating optimised marketing strategies that deliver results. Knowing your customer enables you to create goals that attract and deliver relevant content, powerful messaging and irresistible value propositions through the various touchpoints along their buying journey.

Gain a sustainable advantage over rivals by defining your values, discovering your audience and creating SMART marketing goals and see a dramatic change in your marketing outcomes.

Strategies Built on Values

Brand Values

Developing a set of guiding principles that define your brand values, personality and identity is an essential step towards creating a successful marketing strategy that will drive emotion-based purchasing behaviour. Placing these values at the core of your brand messaging will help you attract and retain the right customers. In addition, these values will help shape your key messaging and every other aspect of your business.

Key Messaging

Key messages are bite-size summations of your value proposition that you want your audience to hear, understand and remember. These messages lay the foundation for your communication strategy. Messages aligned with your brand values are more likely to attract and capture the attention of your target audience.

Audience Research

Amplify your marketing efforts by understanding your customers’ pain points, needs and motivations. Interacting with your audience and customers in a way that feels personal is persuasive and drives success. You can discover which personalities are most likely to be attracted to your products or services through audience research. Customer knowledge will provide a clear direction about who to target, where to target them and how to speak their proverbial language. Personalisation will enable you to provide a better overall brand experience that keeps your prospects engaged.

Buyer Persona Development

Developing semi-fictional representations of your target audience, known as buyer personas, provides clear guidelines for strategy development. These guidelines can help you frame your efforts from the customers’ perspective. Appropriate messaging, imagery, style and colour choice are personal preferences that determine attraction and impact user behaviour.

Consumer Journey

Consumer journey marketing, also referred to as the purchasing funnel, focuses on optimising the consumer’s experience throughout their buying journey from brand awareness all the way through to after-sales care. Understanding the needs and behaviours of your target audience supports the development of successful consumer journeys that drive conversions.

Marketing Goals

Whether your goals are to drive more sales, expand your market share or enter new territories, marketers who set marketing goals are more likely to report success. Dividing overall objectives into smaller SMART goals will provide you with a quantifiable and clear direction to achieve your overall marketing objectives.

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