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Improve your website’s visibility with our SEO copywriter’s expert services and tactics that will get you ranked on search engine results pages (SERPs). Our skilled copywriter will work with you to write search engine optimised content that is informative, engaging and compelling.

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Building optimised marketing foundations

Optimized copy and a well-designed, user-friendly website are the foundation of a successful digital marketing strategy. We can help you build the best basic marketing tools to get you noticed and clicked.  We are trained to help you make it easy for users to find and understand your offerings, and build the trust that incentivizes them to take action.

How to Plan your SEO Content

SEO planning involves a combination of style and technicalities that need to be carried through your content to support your search results, user experience and buying journey.

User Search Intent

Combining “intent” words with your keywords will enable algorithms to understand and index your content in these contexts. To ensure a great user experience, Google rewards content that matches a user’s intent.

Types of Search Intent

  • Commercial: buy now, deals, services
  • Informational: how, what or why
  • Transactional: reviews, top 10, best
  • Navigational: company or brand name

Yoast SEO provides an in-depth article about the importance search intent for SEO

Keyword Research

The SEO copywriter begins any marketing campaign by doing keyword research to find out what users are searching for and the terms they’re using to find it. This information reveals the trending search terms your potential audience is most likely to use when looking for your product or service.

Professional SEO copywriters use these popular search terms to create compelling copy that matches the users’ intent and grabs their attention quickly. Combining these terms with similes and keyword variations will provide further context to algorithms.

Read HubSpot’s keyword research for SEO for tips and tricks that will pop you to the top of SERPs.

Writing to Capture Attention

You have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention and not much longer to deliver your message. The majority of users don’t have time to read through reams of text, yet search engines need enough content to understand the context of your page.

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Grab Attention

Place the keyword early on in your headlines, subheadings, and content to grab the user’s attention while providing relevance and hierarchical meaning to web spiders for ranking higher.

Easy Reading

Highlighting essential sections of text into easily discoverable quick reads is an effective solution to getting your crucial messages across clearly in a short time.

Keyword Usage

It is best practice to dedicate a unique keyword to a specific landing page. This exact keyword needs to be repeated in the URL, title tag, meta description, h1 and h2 header tags, the first paragraph of text and image tags.

Keyword Usuage Icon

Keyword Variations

Incorporating similar keyword variations throughout the copy provides extended context to search engines and boosts your SEO ranking.

Remember that user experience is key, and your content needs to read well to humans. It would be best to avoid keyword stuffing as search engines consider it bad practice.

Crafting a compelling meta description is essential to getting clicks to your landing page. A meta description is the wording displayed to users on the search results pages. Writing effective and keyword-rich meta descriptions can help improve your website’s SEO ranking.

Navigation Keywords

Providing intuitive navigation labels and content hierarchy on your website is essential to driving engagement and conversions. Utilizing relevant keywords in navigation is important for a couple of reasons. First, it can help users understand where they are on your website and what content they can expect to find there. Second, it can help your website rank higher, as search engines use keyword relevancy as one of their ranking factors. Our SEO copywriter includes keywords in your navigation to help you get discovered and drive engagement when users land on your website.

Freelance SEO Language

Speak your Customers Lingo

If your customers feel that you created the advert for them alone, you have made the “perfect” ad. When your content delivers a belief that you know and understand the customer, you’ve already taken an essential step towards building trust. Understanding your audience and developing your buyer personas will help you write compelling content that will drive conversions.

SEO structured data

Structured Data

The organised nature of structured data enables machine learning to understand your content quickly and clearly. Ultimately, structure and relevance enable Google to present content more efficiently in response to users’ search queries, such as voice queries, product searches, contact details and FAQs. Using structured data increases click-through rates and improves search visibility, including voice domination.

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